The Day After

Yesterday was a truly wonderful day for me. I don't like to shop - in fact I hate to shop and the idea of fighting crowds to do it is probably one of the least appealing things on the planet to me so I had no intention of even going to the grocery store on Black Friday. My MIL works long hours and very rarely has time to spend with the kids but yesterday she took a day off and wanted to spend the day with her grandkids. The Island Girl is still at my parent's house hanging out with her California Cousin but the boys were ready to go hang out with the Lawyer Lady. She came and got them around lunch time and also stopped and picked up my BIL's 3 year old son and they planned on a day of fort building and running wild in the woods behind her house. As soon as they left I curled up on the couch, crocheted some, watched re-runs of Project Runway and then took a long winter's nap. It was pure heaven LOL About 6 last night I drove over to pick them up and my poor MIL looked like she'd been hit by a train. She said they built a fort in the woods behind her house, ate everything in sight, chased her dogs and asked 4.1 million questions about everything under the sun. I could tell they'd had a really good time and she had fun too but I know she was glad to send them home LOL I loaded them and my nephew into the car and brought them home. My BIL lives 4 houses away from us so I dropped him off on our way home. After such a busy day you would think the boys would have been exhausted but they were extremely energetic. I thought for sure they would come in, take a bath and be asleep before their heads hit their pillows but they were wild boys. I unpacked a bag of oranges and treats my MIL sent home with them and found several bottles of water. Caffeinated water. I asked the boys about the water bottles and was told they loved the stuff and had been drinking it all day. No wonder they were so wired! I called my MIL and asked if she knew what was in the water and she said No that she'd grabbed some off the shelf at the grocery store but that the kids loved it. I laughed and told her that one bottle has more caffeine than a Mt Dew. She said "Well that explains why they had more and more energy as the day wore on" LOL They finally crashed last night but I can tell you that I won't be buying that kind of water any time soon - those boys have enough energy as it is LOL