A Pot of Eggs

Last night I was reading a bedtime story to the Youngest Island Boy and out of the blue he said "Do you have a pot of eggs in your tummy?" A pot of eggs in my tummy? "Yes" he says, "A pot of eggs" I tell him no that I don't have a pot of eggs in my tummy and why does he ask. He tells me that a boy at school told him that girls have a pot of eggs in their tummies and that when you have sex it cracks an egg and makes a baby. I almost fell off of the couch. He seemed so serious and I was trying really hard not to laugh and he said "I really want to know about this" I thought about it for a minute and decided that technically he could be kind of right so I said "Well I guess that's about right, there are eggs in a woman's tummy and those eggs make babies" I really didn't want to have the sex talk with him right then and I really didn't want to mention sperm because the boy is fascinated with his winkie and if I tell him about sperm he'll spend his days looking for it so I decided to just go with the cracked egg theory for now. He seemed happy with my response but then he said "Well how big are those eggs because the holder in the refrigerator only holds 12 eggs and your tummy isn't really that big. I told him that the eggs were very little - not near as big as the eggs in the fridge. "What color are they? Are there white eggs for white people and black eggs for black people?" I told him the eggs are red (are they?) and that God makes us the color our moms and dads are, not what color the egg is. This seemed to make him happy and I asked him if the kids in his class talk about sex a lot. He said that one kid always talks about it but that everyone else just listens. Then he said the kid got in trouble the other day and their teacher told him he couldn't say the word sex anymore so now he calls it Slicing Cheese. He said one girl in his class told the little boy that people don't have sex - only dogs do and that babies are bought at yard sales LOL I decided to bite the bullet and asked him if he knew what sex was. He said no and that was a big relief! I guess as long as the little 'slice the cheese' boy in his class keeps running his mouth I'll have to deal with this much sooner than I had planned. I think this will be a good job for the Island King. I handled the Island Girl and he can handle the boys LOL We ended the conversation with me telling him that God gives babies to us and that it's not really about slicing the cheese or buying babies at yard sales. He seemed happy with that but then ended by saying that obviously me and dad sliced the cheese 3 times since we have 3 kids LOL Good grief!