Night Crawler

I'm a sound sleeper. Once my head hits that pillow at night I'm out. I check on the kids before I go to bed but unless they're sick I don't get up and check on them during the night. And I don't have to because we have the Night Crawler. For several years now the Oldest Island Boy has been waking up in the middle of the night and "checking" on things. One morning, back when this started he made a comment about me forgetting to turn the light on the fish tank off before I went to bed. I asked how he knew that and he told me that he got up to "check the house" and saw that the light was on. He got up to check the house? Every morning since then I get a full report over breakfast regarding the state of our house during the night. Dad went to bed pretty late last night, the Youngest Island Boy threw his covers on the floor so he had to be covered up again, the front porch light was left on. All kinds of little details are noticed and then reported to me in the morning. I've asked him why he feels like he needs to check the house at night (is this bad? does he feel scared and need to reassure himself that all is well?) and he says that he just wakes up at night and while he's awake he checks on things. I guess he gets it from my mother who doesn't sleep well and wanders around her house at night. I've talked to him about this enough to reassure myself that he isn't scared and this doesn't seem to be a sign of any problem he's having - he just likes to check on things. So when I go to sleep at night I know that our Island Boy will be checking on things and covering us up if we throw off the covers LOL Kind of like our personal nighttime guardian angel.