A Note About the Christmas Tree

I don't know if I've mentioned this before or not but we live in a tourist town. A very expensive tourist town that seems to be filled with people who have as much money as Oprah. We only have about as much money as Charlie Brown but the Island King grew up here and we moved back long before it became an outrageously expensive place to live. There are a few poor natives like us but for the most part the people here have shocking amounts of money. So yesterday I mentioned to one of the moms at the Youngest Island Boy's school about our pre-lit Christmas tree. I said something about the lights not working and all of the time it took for me to take them off. The woman gave me an odd look and said that the lights on her pre-lit tree have been working for several years now and that she hasn't had any problems with them. She then went on to say "But we paid $900 for it so they'd better work" I almost fell over! She paid $900 for a Christmas tree? I walked out thinking that this woman is insane! If I paid $900 for a tree it had better come with magic elves that show up in the middle of the night to decorate it with solid gold ornaments - and clean my house while they're here LOL I told the Island King that if I had $900 just laying around you can bet I could find something besides a tree to spend it on LOL Maybe I'm just cheap but that sounds like a LOT of money to spend on a Christmas tree to me. And ya know what? I'd bet at least fifty cents that it looks about the same as mine once it's decorated LOL