That's Bad Mom!

I hate to admit it but I have road rage. I don't know if it's just the tourist town I live in but it seems like the roads are full of people who have no idea how to drive. They drive 35 in a 55 zone or they pull right out in front of you or slam on the brakes to make a left hand turn from the far right hand lane and it just makes me mad. If you don't know how to drive then GET OFF THE ROAD! I realized a while back that me getting mad doesn't change anything and that I really need to just calm down and not let these idiots upset me so I've been trying to breathe deep and relax when I drive. I've been doing better but I think my bad behavior rubbed off on the little people who ride in the car with me. The other day we were all in the car going somewhere and this crazy woman in front of me had her turn signal on and would slow down at every single road, act like she was going to turn and then change her mind and speed up again. The speed limit was 45 and she would slow down to about 15 at every side road, act like she was going to turn and then at the last minute she would swerve back onto the road and speed up again. She did this over and over again for a good 5 miles and I was trying really hard not to get frustrated. The Island King, who never seems to get mad in traffic, commented on how patient I was being and that he was surprised that I wasn't having a fit. I told him that I've been trying really hard not to get mad in traffic anymore and from the backseat the Oldest Island Boy tells the Island King "She didn't do so good yesterday. A man pulled right out in front of her and she yelled the A word and stuck her middle finger up at him." The Island King looked at me and said "So you're doing better, huh?" The Oldest Island Boy goes on to tell him that I said the actual word - not A word like he'd said. The Island King snorted and said "See your road rage has the kid saying A word middle finger!" I tried to explain that this guy nearly ran me off the road and that for a moment I forgot that there were little people in the car but I realized that he's right - I've taught my kids to yell obscenities at people who make them mad. Very bad. Later, when the kids weren't around we laughed a little about how funny it was the way he said A word middle finger instead of asshole and flipping someone off but I still feel bad that he learned such bad behavior from me. I had a long talk with the kids about how bad that was and that I wasn't going to do it again and that we should pray for these crazy drivers to arrive safely instead of yelling at them. I've also been really good in the car and am trying to set a good example for the kids by being patient. Well, last night we were on our way to an awards banquet for the Island Girl and the woman in front of me was driving 20 in a 35 zone. I was getting really frustrated but managed not to say anything. This went on for about 5 miles and then we came to a stop sign. The woman stopped and then just didn't move. There were no cars coming from either direction but she just sat there not moving. I couldn't take it any more and I said "GO!!!" and from the backseat we hear the Youngest Island Boy say "A word middle finger" at the top of his lungs. Great. The Island King fell over in his seat trying not to laugh and I explained that it's bad to yell things at people and that I'm trying not to lose my temper and that he shouldn't either. Obviously I still have a lot of work to do but at least he said "A word" and not the actual A word and he said middle finger instead of using his finger. Thank goodness for small favors LOL