Boys Are Odd Creatures

It never ceases to amaze me how different boys are from girls. I have a sister but no brothers and both of my parents only have sisters and they all have girl children as well so I haven't been around boys that much. I have 2 boys and so does my sister and we are constantly amazed at how different from us they are LOL I was reminded of the difference again yesterday when I saw my Christmas Village.

I made this village 23 years ago, painstakingly painting each stone a different color, applying fake snow and all of the other little details. I love my village! Every year when we get our Christmas decorations down the village is the first thing I pull out. When the Island Girl was little she was fascinated by the village. She would sit and play with it for hours. She'd move the little people around and sing carols and have the best time. She knows how special the village is to me and she was always very careful and gentle with it, never breaking a piece. The Oldest Island Boy came along and he never much cared for the village. He thinks it's pretty but basically could care less about playing with it. The Youngest Island Boy is like the Island Girl. He is fascinated by the little town and he's spent hours playing with it. Last night I happened to glance over at the village after he'd gone to bed and this is what I saw.

I can't believe it! He's turned my peaceful Christmas Village into a military zone LOL This morning I asked him about it and he said that the little people that go with the village have been taken hostage and now the SWAT team has come in to fight the bad guys and rescue the people. I asked him where the people are and he showed me where he'd hidden them behind a tree. They're waiting to be rescued he says.

I laughed so hard. The Island Girl had the little people going into the shops and singing Christmas carols and the Youngest Island Boy has them stashed behind a tree while his army men storm the village LOL Boys really are from a different planet LOL