Christmas Lights

Monday night we made steaming cups of hot chocolate and loaded everyone into the van to go look at Christmas lights. It was really cold out but between the heater in the van and our hot chocolate we managed to keep warm. We drove by our old church and they had a beautiful manger scene set up so we pulled in for a closer look. Island Girl is a budding photographer so her and the Island King had an impromptu photography lesson. The manger scene was gorgeous and she got some good shots of it. After she finished taking pictures we got back in the van and as we were turning around we could see a large sign in the back parking lot. We drove back there to see what it was and found the float the church used in the Christmas parade. It states my thoughts exactly so I had the kids pose for a picture. After we left there we drove all over town looking at everyone's lights. There seems to be more houses with decorations this year and we enjoyed looking at all of them. We saw one house that was absolutely incredible. These people have decorated every square inch of their yard and it is so cool. They have a polar bear signing Christmas carols to a jazz beat and penguins dancing all around him. There is a train that runs the length of the yard with a really cute teddy bear in it and lighted reindeer that move their heads back and forth. The pictures we took don't begin to do justice to this yard and you should definitely click on the image for a bigger better look. It is really spectacular. We stood and looked at everything for a really long time and I still don't think we saw it all. And of course the kids started saying that they want us to decorate our yard like this. I asked the Island King what he thought the power bill for a display like that costs and he thinks it must be at least a couple of hundred dollars extra a month. I would love to have decorations like this and I told the kids we'll start adding more things to our yard next year. I would love to have a winter wonderland like this in my front yard!