Good Night!

We have a small dog named Jake and he is the Island King's baby. The Island King picked him out right after he was born and once he was able to leave his mother he and the Island King became inseparable. Yesterday, a neighbor's dog went into heat and Jake got out of the back yard and went to "visit". The Island King had to go over to the neighbor's house and carry Jake home because Jake would not come home. And since then Jake has spent every minute standing at the door whining to go out. Well, early this morning Jake must have decided that no one was coming to the door to let him out so he came into the bedroom and stood next to the Island King whining to be let out. I woke up to see the Island King grab a pillow and a blanket off the bed and march out to the office. I followed to see what was up and as I came around the corner I saw him making a little bed for Jake and tucking him under the covers. When he finished, he turned off the light and as he was closing the door he said "Good night" in a very firm tone. I fell out laughing. The Island King (who was still mostly asleep) asked what was so funny and I said "do you always tell your dog goodnight?" The Island King looked confused so I told him that he'd just told the dog goodnight when he closed the office door. He started laughing and said that he didn't even realize he'd said that LOL I knew that dog was his baby but I've never heard him say goodnight to him before LOL