She's Almost Grown

Thursday night the Island Girl's school held their 8th grade holiday dance. It was a formal event held in the ballroom of a local resort. Several months ago the Island Girl told me that she wanted to design her own dress and she wanted her grandmother, Lawyer Lady, to make it for her. We called Lawyer Lady and she was thrilled at the idea. So Island Girl sketched her design and then went with Lawyer Lady to the fabric store to pick out the fabric. Island Girl hates pink, frilly things so she chose a dark green fabric that is gorgeous. Lawyer Lady got to sewing and made the most beautiful dress I've ever seen. She says that it took every bit of her sewing skills to make it but that she really enjoyed the project. Last weekend the Island Girl and I went shopping for shoes to match her dress. The first pair she picked were absolutely gorgeous but they had a 6 inch heel and I tried to tell the Island Girl that walking in those shoes would be quite different than the MUCH lower heels she wears for church. Being a teenager she didn't believe me so I had her put the shoes on and walk down the aisle. She took about 3 steps and then just about broke her ankle. Two more steps and she turned around, looked at me and said "How do women wear shoes like this?" LOL She said that not only did they hurt her feet but her legs hurt all the way up to her knees. I told her that it takes a lot of practise to walk in shoes with heels like that and that you REALLY have to want to look good to put up with the pain they cause LOL Needless to say those shoes went back on the shelf and we wandered around looking for a more appropriate pair. We found a really cute strappy sandal pair with a small heel that she loved. They were $34.99 but when we got to the register they rang up at 40% off so I payed $19.07 for them. They were such a good deal that I'm going back to find a pair for me. Thursday rolled around and it was time to get ready for the dance. Lawyer Lady came over and we did the Island Girl's makeup, painted her nails a pretty light pink color and got her into her dress. She looked so beautiful! The Island King took lots of pictures and then it was off to the dance. We had planned on the whole family driving her but she did not want to show up at the dance in a minivan filled with the Island people so I drove her alone. We talked about dancing with boys, party etiquette and other girl stuff on the ride and I kept thinking about how grown up she is. I dropped her off at the dance, watched her walk into the ballroom and then burts into tears. That beautiful young woman is the little baby I had 14 years ago. She's almost grown and I am so proud of her. She's smart, funny, kind, considerate, talented and beautiful. I can't believe time has gone by so fast. It seems like just last week that I brought her home from the hospital. When I got home the Island King looked sad so I asked what was wrong and he was feeling the same way I was. He kept saying that she's grown so fast and that when he was taking her picture he kept thinking of the little girl that he had tea parties with. When it was time to pick her up I got to go inside (when we dropped them off parents were not allowed and the dance was chaperoned by teachers)to get her. I was amazed to see all of her friends all dressed up in their formal dresses and the boys in their suits and ties. It's hard to believe this is the same group of kids who used to blow bubbles and eat ice cream in my backyard! They all looked so grown that I almost cried again LOL On the way home the Island Girl said she had the best time ever and that she received a lot of compliments on her dress. I'm so glad she had fun and I'm very proud of the young woman she's become but I have to say I miss that little tea party girl sometimes.

Island Girl and Lawyer Lady