Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Dirty Family

The Island King's family were some of the original settlers in the town just north of us and his family has a huge amount of old documents letters and photographs from long ago. Being a history buff I was given the honor of becoming Keeper of all things Old for his family. I have many containers filled with some really cool old stuff and I love to dig through it all. His grandfather started the first newspaper in the area and we inherited literally hundreds of old photographs that his grandfather took with one of the first cameras in the area. Yesterday while cleaning out my craft corner I ran across one of my absolute favorite photos. It was taken in the mid 1930s of some of the Island King's distant cousins. They lived out in the woods and were pretty well known for the moonshine they made. I've always called this picture "The Dirty Family" (in a nice way) because everyone in the picture is absolutely filthy. They are standing in front of their still and everyone from dad and mom to the kids are covered in dirt. I guess when you live way out in the woods and spend your day making moonshine you don't worry so much about keeping clean.
I don't know why this photo is one of my favorites but it makes me smile every time I see it.
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