One of Those Days

Somehow I get the feeling this isn't going to be the best day I've ever had. I knew this to be a fact about one minute after waking up this morning. To start with I did not get near enough sleep last night. I had a lot of trouble falling asleep and then had crazy dreams when I finally did nod off. I was pretty tired about 10:30 but then caught a second wind and at 2:30 I was staring at the clock hoping I'd fall asleep. Once I finally dozed off I had the strangest dreams - which I can't remember now but I know they were strange. When the alarm clock went off I put my feet on the floor, took one step and stepped right into a pile of dog poop. But since my brain was still asleep I took a second step and stepped into my slippers before realizing that I had dog poop on both feet. The new puppy is having a little trouble grasping the poop outside plan but this is the first time he's pooped right next to my bed. Thanks Buddy. Luckily I had on socks so I peeled them off and threw them away but I also have poop smeared inside my slippers. Great. Strike one. I look outside and realize that the sunny day promised by our local weatherman doesn't seem to be happening. The Island King is a photographer and all of these grey, dreary days are really putting a damper on his shoot schedule. No one wants beach, condo and lifestyle shots taken on a grey day. This is Florida and his clients want pictures of beautiful sun, white beaches and emerald green water - not grey skies and grey water so his schedule is really backing up and if he doesn't shoot we don't get paid. And he hasn't been able to shoot practically all month. We have a huge list of clients waiting on pretty weather but I doubt the power company will understand when I call to tell them that as soon as the sun comes out I'll be able to send them a check. He's got 5 shoots scheduled for today and we REALLY neeed for them to happen. He's getting dressed to leave as I write this but he's also grumbling about driving all over the coast today and probably not actually getting any shots he can use. Strike two. Today is also billing day at the Button Factory. The Island King's truck is in the shop and my babysitter is sick so I had to go to the Button Factory last night and get the invoices ready to go out since I won't be there today. Even though I got the majority of the work done last night I still need to be there today to make last minute changes and actually put the invoices in the mail and since I won't be there the bookkeeper is going to have a hissy fit when I call to tell him he's on his own today. Strike three. In baseball three strikes mean you're out but since this is life and not sports I'm not done LOL My sister called yesterday to tell me that she wants to come over and spend the day with us on Saturday. I love my sister and her kids but my house is really messy right now and she's Miss Perfect Housekeeper so I always feel like I need to scrub the house from top to bottom when she's coming over. That means that today will be spent homeschooling the Oldest Island Boy and cleaning a house I really have no desire to clean. Strike four. I really just want to go back to bed but there doesn't seem to be time for that in todays plan. The Oldest is not feeling well so he went right back to sleep this morning and we'll have school this afternoon but since I have a house to clean and a mountain of laundry to tackle I'm up for the day. I also have to find some stock photos that a client ordered but that we can't seem to locate in our archives. I know they're here somewhere but they aren't where they're supposed to be so who knows where they are. The Island King is grumpy because of the cold and the grey sky so he's mumbling about us moving to Belize. I don't have the heart to tell him that at this moment we can't afford to move across the street - much less to South America LOL I know the warm air and sunny skies of summer are coming - I just wish they'd hurry up a bit.