Tuesday, January 22, 2008

School Problems

I'm having a problem with the Youngest Island Boy and I just don't know what to do about it. He seemed to really be loving school and then about a month ago he started crying every morning not wanting to go. He says his stomach hurts and will actually make himself throwup so he can stay home. I've talked to him about school and he says no one is picking on him or being mean to him but that he just wants to be homeschooled like his brother. I can't stand it when he starts sobbing and telling me he's sick and I've let him stay home WAY too many times. I even got a letter from the school not too long ago saying he was missing too many days and explaining to me how important it is for him to go to school every day. On the days I've let him stay home he says he's sick until he's sure I'm not sending him to school and then he's fine. I told him that if he's too sick to go to school that he can't go play outside or hang out with his friends when they get home from school and he says he's ok with that - until the kids get home and then he promises me he'll go to school the next day if I let him go play. I've been hardnosed about it and make him stay inside and even though he'd rather go play he still pulls the I'm sick card the next morning. I do have school with him on the days he stays home but the Oldest Island Boy has a learning disability and he requires a LOT of one on one attention from me where school is concerned so it's really hard to homeschool them both. Since the Youngest was doing so well in public school I wanted to keep him there and use homeschool time to work intensely with his brother. But now that he's crying each morning it's just killing me to send him off to school, sobbing and begging to stay home. I have a conference set with his teacher for this week to see what she has to say and to find out if there is someone picking on him but I don't think that's what is happening. He comes home each day happy and tells me about all of the fun he had at school. It's not until time to get ready each morning that he has his freak outs. He makes straight A's and has a lot of friends so I just don't know what's going on. Homeschooling him is an option but only as a last resort. I just don't know what to do about this. Does anyone else have this problem? It would be easier to pull him out and homeschool him if he came home miserable each day but since he comes home happy and says he had fun that day I don't understand why he pitches such a fit each morning. Any help or comments would be greatly appreciated.
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