Who Are These Children?

I had a mini meltdown last night. My sister is coming to visit today and I always feel the need to scrub my house from top to bottom when she comes. She has 3 small kids and yet her house is always perfect. I mean there isn't one thing out of place. My house, on the other hand, is usually quite messy. My kids are older but between homeschooling the Oldest Island Boy, part time work at the Button Factory, helping with the Island King's business, trying to get my own business up and running and then trying to find time for me, cleaning is pretty low on my list of things to do. Until my sister calls to say she's coming over for the day. So yesterday I decided to spend the day cleaning, until the Island King and I got to talking about new ideas for my business and then proceeded to work on those ideas most of the day. By the time I looked up it was dinner time and after dinner all I wanted to do was sit and work on a cross stitch project that I'm in the middle of. The kids and I made a feeble attempt at cleaning the house but being tired and cranky I just wasn't into it. I'm not sure what happened but the next thing I knew I burst into tears (can you say PMS?) and told the kids to find a movie to watch or something because I just didn't feel like cleaning and as far as I was concerned the house could look like a tornado hit it LOL The kids seemed relieved to be let off the hook (they weren't into cleaning at 7 on a Saturday night either) and happily went to playing with legos and watching movies. I cross stitched for a while, made the decision to sleep late day instead of going to church and then went to bed. I felt guilty about not going to church but I do believe the good Lord knows that on occasion we just need a day off. (At least I hope he does LOL) I didn't sleep that well and when I woke up this morning my first thought was guilt for not getting the kids dressed and us off to church and my second thought was that I want a maid. Then I smelled Mr. Clean. I was laying there wondering why my messy house smelled like it had just been mopped when I heard the kids talking. The Oldest Island Boy was telling the Youngest to fold his pants and put them in his drawer. Definitely not something you hear at my house very often. I got up and was amazed to see that my house is spotless. All three kids got up early this morning and have mopped, dusted, cleaned the bathrooms, put away the laundry, washed more laundry and basically cleaned the house from top to bottom - all without fighting - which is a miracle in itself. I am blown away! The kids smile when they see me and tell me that they felt bad that I'm the one who always ends up doing most of the cleaning and they decided to clean up for me. I am still stunned. My kids are sweet, wonderful children but they take after their father and are some seriously messy people so for them to clean the whole house is really a big deal. I don't know who these children are but I'm keeping them LOL This is turning out to be a much better day than I thought it would. The sun is shining (sunshine has been in seriously short supply in Northwest Florida lately)and my house is clean so I'm going to sit back and enjoy this perfect day. Hope ya'll have a good one too!