Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Geocaching in Mary Esther

I really liked having President's Day off last week so I decided to continue the take Monday off theme again this week. The Oldest Island Boy spent the weekend with my parents so I arranged to meet my dad in Mary Esther on Monday morning to pick up the Oldest but instead of coming home, having school and me getting some work done we spent the day geocaching. My dad and I had a list of 13 small caches hidden in parks throughout Mary Ester and some of Fort Walton that we wanted to find so I packed a picnic and off we went. We found lots of small neighborhood parks and most of the caches we were looking for. The City of Mary Esther has developed a spectacular nature walk right in the middle of town and there are 3 caches hidden along that trail so we wandered through there for a while enjoying the really primitive woods right in the middle of town.

There is a small stream that runs through the area
And a bridge that crosses over it
The Oldest Island Boy found this cache
We had a picnic lunch at a park on the water and then we were off to hunt more caches. We got to this one small park that was actually a water runoff area and has been turned into a nature walk by a local boy for his Eagle Scout project. We were convinced the cache was hidden under the little bridge but we've had a lot of rain lately so you couldn't get up under the bridge to look without getting wet. I turned around and saw that my dad was doing his best to see up under there. I wonder what the neighbors thought when they looked out their windows and saw a grown man laying on the bridge LOL We ended the day at a small boat ramp on the Sound We didn't find the cache that's hidden there though because a couple of people were sitting right where we thought the cache would be and they didn't appear to be leaving any time soon so we'll have to come back for this one another day. We had a really good time and I'm liking this play on Monday thing! I just might keep this up.
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