I Want A Maid!

Today has been declared my official clean this house day but the spirit doesn't seem to be moving me. I have managed to detail my car and get the laundry going but that seems to be as far as I've gotten. It's supposed to storm here later today so the Island Girl and I rode over to the Gulf this morning to watch the waves come in. Big fat loud waves. I love to watch a storm come in across the water and it was pretty spectacular out there. Of course I forgot to charge the camera batteries when I got home last night so we didn't get any pictures but it sure was pretty. Dark clouds racing across the sky and big waves rolling in - just gorgeous. Unless of course you're the family we met who are here on vacation and just want sunshine and calm seas LOL They got in last night so they missed yesterday's incredible weather but I told them not to worry - it'll be pretty again tomorrow. We're going to spend tomorrow up on the river, fishing and wandering through the woods. I've got the camera battery charging now so I'll have pictures when we get home. Well I guess I've procrastinated enough and really should get busy - this house looks like a tornado roared through here LOL