Round Robin Photo Challenge: Veggies

It's time for the Round Robin Photo Challenge and the theme for this challenge is Veggies. We love vegetables around here and my whole family thought this was an interesting challenge. Everyone had some great ideas and this was definitely a family collaboration. We brainstormed and decided that since we live in a vacation town that we would go with
Veggies on Vacation

Chillin in the Sun
Hangin with the Lifeguard
Spud Doin the Dew
How Romantic
Snorkeling Tators

We had so much fun doing this! While we were taking the pictures a man walked up and looked at our little beach scene and then looked at me and said "Ok I just gotta ask - what on earth are you doing?" I laughed and told him that the veggies were here on vacation and wanted some photos of their trip. He was still looking at me like I was from another planet so I told him what I was going to do with the pictures. He stood and watched for quite a while and then when he was leaving he said that he'd never be able to tell anyone what he saw because they would think he'd been smoking something he shouldn't have been.
This project was a collaboration by my whole family. The Island Boys came up with some great ideas for staging the veggies and the Island King, Island Girl and myself took the pictures. Once we got home we couldn't remember who took which ones so the credit goes to all of us. And as a side note I should tell you that picking vegetables for a photo shoot can be very embarassing! The Island King and I were picking out cucumbers and I told him that I thought we needed ones that had a slight curve to them. He then asked if I wanted big ones or small ones and after I said "I think a big one with a slight curve to it will be perfect" we heard the man next to us actually choke. He gave us a really strange look and I realized how we must have sounded. The Island King smiled at the man and said "Looks like she wants a big one with a slight curve to it" and that man couldn't get away from us fast enough LOL The Island King said that's the most fun he's had in the produce department in years LOL
We hope you enjoy our Veggies on Vacation - we really enjoyed the challenge! Now head on over to Round Robin Photo Challenge and take a look at all of the other veggie entries - there is some awesome photography and some great composition.