I'm Back

What a week this has been! The Friday before Easter our internet connection started acting up and by Saturday morning we couldn't get online at all. The cable guy came on Monday and "fixed it" long enough for him to drive away and then it started acting up again. It was taking almost an hour just to load one page or check email. The guy came back on Tuesday and found some kind of kink in the cable coming into the house so they replaced the whole line and finally we are back online.
I've also been spending a lot of time on a new project for our business. We are in the process of building a regional travel website for our area. We've owned the site for several years but with our photography business we haven't been able to really devote the time needed to get the site up and running - until now. Unfortunately I'm not very good at building sites and have spent HOURS and HOURS trying to learn how to build the thing. The Island King is a whiz at this stuff but he's swamped with the photography stuff and we finally decided that if this site is ever going to be up and running I have to build it. We are positive that this site will generate a nice second income for us but getting it off the ground is a nightmare! Once I get the site built I will be adding articles, photographs and information about traveling to our area and that will be pretty interesting to do but getting the site built is really giving me trouble. We looked into buying a ready to go package to install but we need so many specific things that we really just have to build it ourselves. So I keep plugging away and hopefully will have it built and ready to go in a few weeks. Wish me luck!