Is There Another Word For Closet?

As you probably know, the Island King is a professional photographer and specializes in architectural and lifestyle photography. Most of his shoots are of vacation properties but every once in a while he shoots a private home that is for sale. He did a shoot yesterday of a GIANT home on the Bay that has come up for sale and when he got home the first thing he said was "You've got to see these pictures" He was telling me how big this house is and then he said "Wait until you see the master closet". I looked at the pictures and yes it's a big beautiful home on the water but he was right - this closet is incredible.

This closet is bigger than my first apartment LOL I'm sure there must be another name for a closet this big - the word closet just doesn't seem to fit. And as nice as the closet was the next picture is the one that blew me away

I love shoes. I don't own many but if I were rich I would have LOTS of shoes LOL The rest of the house was nice but if I lived there I swear I'd spend all of my time in that closet LOL