It's Tough to Generate Content

I spent yesterday out taking some pictures for the website we're building. I love that part but sitting down and actually creating the site is giving me fits. It's a standard travel site but we are really trying to make it unique and that's hard to do. I was working on the restaurant page last night and came to a complete stop. What can you say about dining in this area that sounds original and interesting that hasn't been said a million times before? I got tired and told the Island King that I might just write this whole thing like I talk - "Ya'll come on down - have some fresh seafood on the deck and enjoy a Margarita!" LOL I really believe this site will generate a nice income once it's up and running. There are a couple of sites in our area that make really good money but they have crappy pictures, boring content and their sites are completely static - never changing at all. I think that with great pictures and interesting content I can compete with these other sites but first I have to actually build the site and create the content. I'm not having trouble with content so much as the wording for the different sections. Like I said - there has to be an interesting way to write an overview of dining in our area that doesn't sound like what everyone else has. I've written a lot about the individual restaurants but getting that overview is killing me LOL They say a picture is worth a thousand words so maybe I'll just add lots of pictures instead of text LOL Here are some I took yesterday. It was slightly overcast and really hazy out so I probably won't use these but they were fun to take.

Well I'm off to the beach now. It's warm and sunny so I'm going to give my brain a rest, plant my feet in the sand and read a good book. Maybe I'll be inspired and can come home and try again.