Swiffer Review

A while back I signed up to do a product review for Swiffer.
Yesterday I received this in the mail.

First, I tried the Swiffer Duster. I was excited about this product because feather dusting is so much faster and easier than using a cloth but all a feather duster really does is spray the dust into the air so I don't use one often. I dusted my dresser and night stand and it did a really good job. The duster trapped all of the dust so it didn't fly around when I swiped it like it does when you use a feather duster. It had the same result as when I dust with a cloth and polish but it was done with the ease of feather dusting. I dusted my ceiling fan and it worked great. All of the dust was trapped in the duster instead of coming off the fan and landing in my face like it normally does. Next, I tried my blinds. Surprisingly, it didn't work that well on the blinds. The duster just didn't seem to attract the dust at all. It ran over the blinds and between the blinds but didn't pick up any dust. My regular feather duster gets the dust right off (and into the air - so I usually have my vacumm in the other hand, following the duster) I tried swiping several different ways with no luck. I really wanted this to work since the duster holds the dust and I knew I wouldn't need the vacumm but the fact is, it just didn't do the job. In the end, I dusted the furniture and all of the ceiling fans in the house and the whole job went much faster. The Dusters come in a 10 count refill pack that sells for about $7.99. I changed dusters 3 times while I was doing the whole house. The house was in desperate need of a good dusting so I think if I went through and hit everything with the duster once or twice a week I could do the whole house with just one duster.

The next thing I tried was the Mr. Clean Febreeze Scented spray. I started in the kid's bathroom. This bathroom belongs to two little boys and a teenage girl so you can imagine how disgusting this room gets. I used the spray instead of my regular cleaner (Comet) and to be honest I just didn't feel like it got as clean. Maybe it's the Febreeze scent. It smelled good but didn't have that "just cleaned bathroom" smell. I'm not saying that I like a harsh Lysol smell but I do like a slight "been there, scrubbed that" smell. I had a different result in my bathroom. This room was much cleaner than the other so I sprayed the surfaces, wiped it up and everything looked and smelled fresh. So on my bathroom, that only needed freshening up, it worked great but the other bathroom just didn't seem as clean. I'll use this for "freshening" but will stick to my regular cleaner for scrubbing.

I also received a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. The boys got a wild hair not long ago and took to their walls with markers and crayons. I'll be cleaning that up this week and I'll let you know how the Magic Eraser works.