Monday, March 10, 2008

Too Much Drama

Yesterday was big drama day at our house. So much so that I was glad to see Monday roll around just to end the weekend. The Oldest Island Boy's eye was a little red and itchy on Friday night and then a little worse on Saturday. I planned on making a doctor's appointment for Monday morning but he woke up Sunday morning and his eye was huge, red and completely swollen shut. Needless to say I threw him in the van and headed straight for the ER. He has a stye in the corner of his eye and a bacterial infection. They loaded him up with antibiotics, put a bunch of cream in his eye and told us to see his pediatrician first thing this morning. The ER was busy so we were there for HOURS. It truly took most of the day. We finally made it home and he went to sleep on the couch.
I walked out into the back yard and the first thing I saw was blood all over the patio. A lot of blood. I went running back in the house yelling for the Island King and wanting to know what happened. The story he told me blew me away. He said he was in the shower when the Youngest Island Boy came running in the house and told him that the neighbor kid had gotten hurt in the back yard and had gone running home - bleeding a lot. The Island King threw his clothes on and was headed out the door to go see about this kid when the kid and his dad came walking up the driveway. Initially the neighbor boy kept saying that the Youngest Island Boy hit him in the mouth with a stick. The Youngest started yelling that he did not hit him with a stick and the Island King and the other dad told them to calm down and explain what had happened. The Island King says there was a long drawn out story that neither him nor the other kid's dad could really understand so they told the neighbor kid to go get the stick and show them what happened. The boys come back from the back yard with 2 push brooms - ours and one that belongs to the neighbor boy. They had the brooms on the ground and were pushing them against each other in some kind of broom war. After much discussion and a demonstration it came out that the neighbor kid put the broom handle in his mouth and started pushing with it and when my son pushed his broom against the neighbor kid's it shoved the broom handle up against the top of the kid's mouth and into the back of his throat. The Island King said the Youngest was really upset and kept saying he was just pushing his broom against the neighbor's like they'd been doing and he didn't know it would hurt the boy. The kid's dad said the kid came running home with more blood than he'd ever seen pouring out of his mouth and nose and that the kid kept saying that my son hit him so he came over to find out what had happened. By now the boy had stopped bleeding and the boy's dad and the Island King decided that it wasn't really my son's fault - it's not like he took a stick and hit the kid - it was just an incredibly stupid thing for the neighbor kid to put the handle in his mouth and it was careless of my son to keep pushing his broom against the other broom, especially since the kid had the handle in his mouth. The neighbor kid's dad wasn't mad at my son at all and him and the Island King spent some time telling the boys how dangerous and stupid that was. What is it with little boys? I swear putting a broom handle in your mouth and then trying to push the broom into another broom is incredibly stupid - even for a kid LOL I was just floored when I heard this story. That could have been a really bad injury and I'm so thankful that he just ended up with a scraped mouth and bloody nose. I swear some times I wonder if I'm going to survive these boys LOL
So that was our Sunday. Not the relaxing day we had planned but at least everyone is ok. I took the Oldest to see his pediatrician this morning and his eye is already looking a lot better so we're going to keep him on antibiotics and we think he'll be fine by next weekend.
The Island King has a photo shoot today and the Oldest Island Boy can't see that well out of his eye so there will be no homeschooling today. Instead I am going to work in my yard some, plant some vegetable seeds for my garden and try to relax a little. Hopefully we can make it through the day with no injuries, no blood and no drama. Cross your finger for me!
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