White Trash Sunsets

A couple of months ago the Island King and I were out in the front yard just as the sun was setting. The sky turned several shades of pink and then purple and then finally a beautiful deep blue as darkness set in. We really enjoyed watching all of the shades the sky turned and just spending that little while talking and enjoying life. We enjoyed it so much that the next evening found us in the same spot doing it all over again. And the next evening and the next. Before we knew it we were meeting in the front yard every afternoon just before sunset and would sit and watch the sun set and talk. We agreed not to talk about work or money or anything unpleasant - only happy stuff and before long this became an afternoon ritual - rarely do we miss a day. I brought two of the chairs from our patio around front and every afternoon you'd find us sitting there talking, watching the kids and the dogs run around and enjoying the sunset. The other day I found 2 ugly white plastic chairs on the side of the road so I brought them home.

Yesterday I painted them green

and moved them around to the front yard. I added a small table that I had sitting around and now we have an official sunset watching, sitting spot.

I need to add a pretty plant and it will be perfect.
We have a perfectly good patio out back and we spend a lot of time out there but the house blocks the sunset so we can't really enjoy that from back there. We are also the neighborhood bicycle repair shop so there is a constant stream of kids coming by wanting the Island King to add air to a tire, fix a seat or whatever else needs doing and us sitting out front makes handling the kids a little easier.

This is a typical afternoon in front of my house.

And since the "cute" boy from around the corner has started showing up the Island Girl has been doing her homework on the front of the boat LOL

The sun sets over the Bay, which is about half a block away (999 feet according to my insurance company - 1,000 feet and I'd be paying 5 times more in flood insurance so that 1 foot makes all the difference in the world!)so we can see most of the sunset from our front yard.

So each afternoon we put everything on hold, go out into the front yard and hang out. Sounds good to me but according to my MIL this is a very bad thing. She came over the other day and asked why we had chairs in the driveway (we don't really have a "sittin porch" so we sit in the driveway next to the boat) I told her that we sit out there in the afternoons and watch the sunset. I wish you could have seen the look on her face! She's not really a snooty hooty type but she proceeds to tell me that sitting in the front yard is the epitomy of white trash and that any non white trash person should always hang out in the back yard where the neighbors can't see. The Island King and I fell out laughing. First of all it's our yard that every single kid in the neighborhood plays in so it ALWAYS looks like Toys R Us exploded in my front yard, I have a 21 foot boat in my driveway that the Island King is "restoring" (that's another story LOL) and I have a big hole in the grass under the buoy swing (that's the beach version of a tire swing)
so I'm pretty sure that we've long since past the white trash yard stage LOL After she left that day we took our white trash selves out into the front yard and enjoyed every second of it. The best part of being a redneck is not giving a rat's behind what other people think LOL