The Aftermath

When we got home Sunday night I opened the front door and a horrible smell just about knocked me over. What is that? It was a sour, rotten smell and the whole house just stunk. We followed our noses to the laundry room where it was the strongest and the Island King says "You must have left a load of laundry in the washer and it's gone sour" I told him that there were no clothes in the wash but he was convinced that was what we were smelling. He opened the washer and of course it was empty but he was right, the smell was coming from there. We finally decided that water must be trapped in the hose and had gone sour so I ran the washer and sure enough the smell disappeared. And since the whole house reeked I had to open all of the windows, spray a lot of air freshener and burn incense in every room. It took a while but finally the smell was gone. I don't know why that happened. It's only happened once before and that was right after Ivan but we assumed that with all of the flooding the hose backed up. I don't know why it happened this time.

A little while later I walked out on the patio and the glass on our patio table had broken into a million tiny pieces. I have no idea how that happened either. There isn't anything laying around it that could have fallen on it. I have some pepper plants on the grill next to the table and they were still there so it couldn't have been that windy. Who knows.

And now the Island King has condo fever and wants to buy one. He was looking at condos on the internet last night and told me that he found one that would be perfect for us - and it's only 1.2 million. Sure babe. I'm guessing the mortgage on 1.2 mil must be about 10 to 15 grand a month. It shouldn't be any trouble to scrape that together each month and coming up with the down payment should be easy too LOL The kids were listening and got all excited until I told them not to get their hopes up because we won't be buying a condo anytime soon LOL Unless the Island King is coming into an inheritance I don't know about I'm pretty sure we won't ever be buying a condo. I did tell him that we could probably buy a bigger tent though LOL