An Alabama Geocaching Trip

Yesterday my dad, the Oldest Island Boy and I spent the day in South Alabama geocaching. Dad had a gift certificate for the pro shop at a golf club in Elberta that he needed to redeem and he wanted to make a geocache run while we were over there so off we went. We hunted caches in Lillian, Elberta and Foley and we had so much fun. The Island King and I used to live on Perdido Key and we spent a lot of time up in the Foley area but I haven't been over there in years so I was shocked at how much that small town has grown! We started in Lillian by hunting a cache at the library there. The librarian saw us and came out to ask about geocaching. She was a really nice lady and even helped us hunt for the cache LOL After we found that cache we drove on into Elberta and had lunch at a beautiful park on Arnica Bay. We found the cache, had a picnic and Dad and the Oldest practiced their slingshot skills for a while. We drove up and down country roads searching for caches and found most of the ones we were looking for. We passed one farm that had donkeys in a field by the road. Of course I had to take pictures since we don't see donkeys very often LOL This little guy was sitting on one of the caches we found and he jumped right into the Oldest Island Boy's hand. I found this egg out in the middle of an open field. There were no trees or nests around so I don't know how it got there. One of the caches we hunted was under a bridge on what seemed like a very unstable ledge. My dad was determined to find the cache so he went poking around under there while the Oldest and I watched - from a distance. He never did find the cache but did almost fall into the river twice. The geocache reviewers must not be as strict in this area because they would never publish a cache in a spot like that here at home.
Once we got into Foley we spent some time at the Foley Kid's Park. What a pretty park! There are 2 caches in that park so we found them and then hung out a while so the Oldest could play on the playground. We picked up a few more caches around town and then made a stop at the Foley Railroad Museum. Unfortunately the museum was already closed for the day so we couldn't go inside but we'll be back another day to check it out. We had so much fun and ended up finding 17 caches. It was a long day but we're going back for more in a few weeks.