Earth Day

For Earth Day, Island Girl's science teacher took her class to the beach to join a local high school group who were going to spend the morning taking samples of the sand. The trip was only to last until noon but none of the kids were required to go back to school so basically she only had a half day today. I decided that the Oldest Island Boy and I would also go to the beach and our homeschool lessons would all be environment related. So off we went this morning and what a beautiful day we had! The sun was shining, the water was emerald green and it was nice and warm out. We started with a lesson about tides and then focused on the different plants and animals that live here. The park has a wonderful nature trail that leads through the interior of the park so after we finished our tidal lesson we started our trek. Island Girl finished her class about the time we did so she joined us. We learned about the Indian Blanket Flower Sand Pines Conradina and several other native plants. After we finished our lesson it was time to hit the beach. We ate lunch, played in the water and spent the afternoon reading in the sun. It was the perfect way for us to spend Earth Day and I think we'll be having school at the beach more often.