I Have Lost My Mind

The title says it all - I have lost my mind! Somehow cleaning out the boy's room has led to the Spring cleaning that I was NOT going to do. I needed to put some things from their room into the hall closet but the hall closet needed cleaning so I pulled everything out and cleaned that closet. That led to another closet which led to several drawers which led to everything else that wasn't bolted down. I'm making good progress but it still looks like a bomb went off in just about every room. The Island King walked through the house this afternoon, took a look around and then asked "What in the hell is happening here?" LOL I'm on a roll so I'll work at it until late tonight and then I should be able to finish up tomorrow. Except for the garage which is a monster I need to tackle another day.
Wish me luck and if you haven't heard from me in a few days send in the Marines!