I'm Glad This Isn't My Job

Sunday morning I was sitting on the balcony when I heard a horrible squeaking sound. I looked over at one of the big condos and I see this guy painting the building on a window washer rig. It was squeaking and making these really loud sounds and it was up really high. I had my camera in my lap so I snapped a picture of him and just as I put the camera back down I heard a scream. One side of the guy's rig had fallen a little and he was frantically working to try and straighten it. I was praying he wouldn't fall but it was like watching a train wreck and I just couldn't look away. He finally managed to lower himself safely to the ground. To give you an idea of just how high he was I zoomed out and took this picture.
A little while later we see him painting again but this time he's on the roof and is hanging over the side of the building painting. My hat is off to this guy. Never in a million years could I do that! My kids would starve to death if that was my only way to feed them because I would be so paralized with fear that I wouldn't be able to paint anything. The guy did have a harness on but still - way too scary for me LOL