It's Beach Time!!

What an incredible day we've had! This morning there was a Confirmation Service at our church for some of the children and since the Island King is the church's official photographer he spent the morning taking pictures of the kids. The girls looked so pretty in their white dresses and the boys were very handsome in their suits. I wish I could show you some of the pictures but since they aren't my kids and not everyone likes pictures of their kids put on the internet you'll just have to trust me when I say "They were so cute!"
After church we were off to spend the day at the beach. It was in the upper 70s but was quite windy so it was still a little chilly but not too bad. The water was COLD but the kids didn't care, there were boogie boards to ride and waves to catch. I took these pictures with my little point and shoot camera and they didn't turn out very well but the Island King gets kind of pissy when I take the good camera to the beach. He's always mumbling about that being the camera that keeps a roof over our heads and it not needing to be tossed into my sandy beach bag. He's probably right but don't tell him I said that LOL

Island Girl was the first one in and managed to catch a good wave out past the break and ride it all the way to the beach.

The Youngest Island Boy caught wave after wave and loved every minute of it.

Island Girl had to help the Oldest Island Boy - his board kept hitting him in the face and he was not having fun until she got him straight LOL

It's Cobia season and there were a lot of boats running up and down the beach hoping to catch one of the most elusive fish around.

We watched this man digging for sand fleas (to use as bait) for quite a while but he wasn't doing it right and wasn't having any luck catching them.
So the Island King went down and showed him how to catch them and it wasn't long before the guy had a whole bucket full.

A large flock of pelicans flew by and then landed out in the water where they found a school of fish and caught their fill.
After spending a long time in the water the kids came up to build sandcastles.
The Youngest dug a really deep hole
And then stood in it and let his brother bury him.

They worked together and built a really big castle which attracted other kids from all over the beach LOL

I'm so glad winter is over and it's beach time again! Nothing relaxes me more than spending the day with my feet in the sand.