A Little Ray of Sunshine

Well the check wasn't in the mail today but they've got until Thursday afternoon and I'm really hoping it comes tomorrow. And since the check wasn't in the mail I had to spend 2 hours of my day driving out to pick up a check from another client instead of just letting them mail it to us like they usually do. As I was driving out there I was madder than a wet hen about the time and gas this was costing me and I was going a little faster than the speed limit ;) when out of nowhere a deputy appeared behind me. It was too late for me to even think about slowing down and I just knew I was in for a ticket. At the very moment he turned his blue lights on a black Mercedes convertible came flying past us, probably doing close to 100. Suddenly I wasn't the fish this deputy wanted to catch anymore and he jumped out from behind me and took off after the Mercedes. A wave of absolute relief washed over me. About a mile down the road there he was with the Mercedes pulled over and I started giggling and didn't stop for another 10 minutes. So I'd like to send a big THANK YOU out to the blonde woman who saved my butt today by driving way faster than I was LOL The joy of escaping the ticket eased my anger and I enjoyed the rest of my ride - and didn't speed anymore either. A little ray of sunshine in an otherwise not so great day.