Lunch With The Youngest

My mother came over today to pick up the Oldest Island Boy, who is going to spend a few days at her house so we had lunch with the Youngest Island Boy at school. They have a beautiful butterfly garden and we had lunch there. It's a beautiful garden and they have planted all kinds of flowers and shrubs to attract butterflies and birds. It's a nice place to eat lunch.
This statue was donated in memory of the Island Girl's kindergarten teacher who died tragically several years ago. She was a personal friend of ours as well and we really miss her but seeing the statue always makes me smile - I know she would like it.

We're off tonight to a banquet honoring middle and high school students who have contributed art work and journalism items to school and area publications. Island Girl's artwork was chosen for the cover of a local magazine and so we were invited to the banquet. They will be giving out awards for some of the best entries and I hope she wins but even if she doesn't I'm sure we'll have a nice time.