A Much Better Day

Whew! Today is looking to be a much better day. Yesterday I pretty much took the day off and today I feel much better. Our camping plans have changed but that turns out to be a good thing. My in-laws decided to go to Disney World and I don't know how they do it but I can't "just decide" to go to Disney on a Monday evening and then pull out of the driveway early Tuesday morning. A Disney trip would take weeks of planning and getting ready for me. I can be gone by morning on a camping trip but only if it's within about 100 miles of home. Anything farther than that and I need to do some planning - where to stay, what kind of clothes to take, what is there to do while we're there, who's going to take care of the animals and on and on and on LOL My inlaws do have a large 5th wheel camper so they pretty much take home with them but I would still need time to work things out. So we declined on the Disney trip and then a friend of mine called and offered us his beach front condo for the weekend. It's about an hour and half away and is about 5 minutes from the park we were going to camp in originally so we can enjoy that park and a nice condo on the beach at the same time. Sounds good to me! I'm going to spend today straightening the mess and then we'll leave in the morning. I think some time on a balcony overlooking the Gulf will do me a world of good.

Last night the Oldest Island Boy spent the night with a friend who lives down the street from us. His parents are not getting along well and the mother has told me several times that she wants to divorce the dad but doesn't want the kids to be unhappy so they are staying together. Well this morning the Oldest tells me that Mrs. J was asking a lot of questions about me and the Island King last night. She wanted to know if we get along and then she asked "does your dad ever go out without your mom?" The Oldest told her that no very rarely do we go out separately but that every once in a while his dad does go out with Uncle T. She then asked if his dad likes skinny women or fat women. My son was so funny when he was telling me this because he said that he told her that his dad likes women who "are a little chubby like mom" LOL (I am lucky that I have a husband who thinks any woman with a flat stomach looks anorexic LOL) After the Oldest tells us this I asked him why Mrs. J was asking these questions and the Oldest said that his friend told him that Mrs. J really likes the Island King. She really likes my husband? What's up with that? The Oldest then says "I told Mrs. J that she'd better keep her husband because Dad will never leave Mom" I LOVE IT!!! Of course there are days when I'd gladly pay Mrs. J to take the man off my hands - but we won't tell her that LOL I'm flattered that Mrs. J likes the Island King but I do think it's a little inappropriate to be asking my son questions about him. And oddly, ever since the Oldest told me this that old Loretta Lynn song has been running through my head "You ain't woman enough to take my man" LOL LOL Poor Mrs. J needs to look somewhere else LOL
Ok, now that I've bitched about the neighbors I'm off to pack for our trip tomorrow.