Now That's Mad

Early yesterday morning I walked out to get the newspaper and heard yelling from down the street. I look down there and see the couple a few houses down from us having one hell of a fight and I see him pointing to the roof. I look up and there on their roof sits a 5 piece drum set. On the roof. He's got a band and they practice at his house a lot so the drums don't seem too odd but them being on the roof was really strange LOL I wanted to take a picture but figured it was bad enough that I was watching them have a horrible fight and to start taking pictures seemed really tacky LOL Yesterday afternoon their son was over and the Island King said "I saw your dad's drums on the roof this morning." The kid says that his dad has been going out at night a lot lately and that his mom get fed up with it last night so she got a ladder and carried his drums (his favorite possession) one by one onto the roof! We tried to remain calm until he rode off on his bike and then we absolutely fell out laughing. She carried those heavy drums one by one onto the roof in the middle of the night! Island Girl was standing there and said that sounded like something I would do. The Island King said "No way - your mother would never carry my stuff onto the roof. She would throw it all in the front yard, pour gasoline over it and have herself a big ole bonfire LOL" He's absolutely right. Carrying those drums onto the roof must have been hard work and a fire would have been much easier LOL I feel bad that they're having problems but sometimes it's nice to be reminded that we aren't the craziest people on our block LOL