She Won!

She Won! My beautiful, creative, talented daughter won first place in the graphic design division and 2nd place in the creative writing division! I am so proud of her. The Emerald Coast Public Relations Organization chose finalists from each middle school in our county for artwork and journalism contributions to the community and tonight at their annual banquet they announced the winners. Back at the first of the school year she submitted a painting she designed for the cover for a local magazine and her artwork was picked and used. She also submitted a poem to the magazine and it was used as well. So tonight she won for them both. There were about 150 middle school kids and their parents at the banquet and while I knew her design was good I also knew that she had some tough competition so I wasn't positive she would win. But she did! Can you tell that I'm proud of her? LOL I was watching her tonight and I'm just blown away that the Island King and I created someone so incredible. I'm one proud mom tonight.