I just received an email from the finance director. Apparently she's tired of me filling up her voice mail box. The email says that payment was sent in full at the end of last week and that it should be arriving any day now. If it's not here by Thursday I'm calling my lawyer (who happens to be my mother in law - which makes it quite affordable for me to have a lawyer LOL) and I'm having her send a really nasty lawyer letter to them. And get this, I just got an email from the broker wanting to know if the Island King can shoot 4 more properties for him. I sent him back an email saying that he'd be glad to but that payment is required up front and that nothing will be shot until we have the past due payment as well as payment for the new shoot in hand. I don't know what his response will be and frankly I don't give a rat's behind if they ever use us again. We have a good, established client base of paying clients and I don't have the time or energy to fight tooth and nail every time an invoice is due. One thing we have on our side is that this is a relatively small town and the Island King is the best architectural photographer within several hundred miles. There are a couple of other guys who are a lot cheaper but their work isn't very good and while it looks ok on the internet it's not good at all for print.
And to toot his horn for a minute, a photo he shot was used for the upcoming cover of Residence International Magazine which is a pretty big real estate magazine. He's been on the cover of several local magazines but this one is the biggest so far so I'm really proud of him.
So this broker can take my deal or leave it.
I'm still a little skeptical about the "check's in the mail" line but I am hoping it does show up soon. I really don't want to drive to Orlando and frankly I don't think I'll like prison at all LOL