Welcome Home

Yesterday was the welcome home party for my BIL. My mother called Friday evening to tell us they decided to have the party at her house instead of my sister's. That was really good news for me because my mother lives halfway between my sister and I so we didn't have to drive as far. It was a nice party - not too many people and a LOT of good food.

My dad spent the morning cooking a huge cooler full of crawfish and another cooler full of shrimp.

My BIL was glad to be home - even if it's only for a short visit.

The kids had fun on the beach even though it was cloudy and a little cool.

My mom and sister with some of the kids

This is the Island Girl's favorite spot.

The Island King started eating as soon as we got there
He ate some more
He ate even more
And then he was so full he couldn't sit down. He found this tree to lean against and stayed there for quite a while LOL
It was cloudy all day but right before sunset the clouds lifted some and the color was gorgeous.
Then the sun dropped from the clouds
It was huge on the horizon
The green flash was so bright and everyone got to see it - even one guy who said he always thought that was a myth.
We had a good time and it was nice to visit with my BIL. He had lots of interesting stories to tell about his adventures in Germany and while he likes it there he says he can't wait to come home for good.