The African Lottery

I won the lottery! Yep, I really did - the email I got says so. It's a lottery in Africa and I've won 10 million dollars. All I have to do is send them my social security number and my bank account number and they'll make the deposit today.
Who falls for these things? I can't believe anyone out there would really fall for something like this. First off, Africa? Do they even have a lottery there? And why do you need my social and bank account numbers? Can't you just mail me the check?
It's very sad that there are people out there who are desperate enough to believe these things. I've always wondered how many people actually respond to these.

I had an uncle one time that got scammed by a guy he met at a convenience store. The guy told him that he was holding money for a friend and that if my uncle would let him use his bank account to keep it in he could have half. My uncle actually took him to the bank and signed him onto the account and the guy really did deposit $1000. As soon as my uncle drove off the guy went back into the bank and took every last dime out of the account and was never heard from again. My grandmother always said that of all her brothers he wasn't the brightest one in the bunch LOL

I did, however, really win $1 on a scratch off ticket the other day and I didn't have to give out any personal info at all to claim my prize LOL