The Gulfarium

Monday the Youngest Island Boy's class went on a field trip to the Gulfarium. This is one of my favorite places to visit. It sits right on the Gulf and on top of the sea life you get a nice view of the beach too.
We started with the Dolphin show.
I could watch these beautiful creatures all day.

The trainers seem to have so much fun with them

The Youngest Island Boy was amazed at how high they can jump

This one jumped through a hula hoop

After the Dolphin show we watched the Sea Lions. Sea Lions seem to have really funny personalities and I imagine they're a blast to hang out with if you're part of the sea life crowd

They have a multi-species show with a really big sea lion and a dolphin. The sea lion is a lot bigger than the girls from the earlier show and he was very regal
He really liked this dolphin and the dolphin flipped up onto the side of the pool and gave the sea lion a kiss
The sea lion will also hold a fish in his mouth and the dolphin jumps up and gets it
This guy caught my attention while we were waiting for one of the shows to start. I've always been a sucker for surfers LOL
The Youngest caught himself a giant dolphin

They have a shark pool and this nurse shark kept swimming right up to where we were standing. "He's looking at you Mom" the Youngest kept saying. No doubt he thought I would make a tasty snack LOL
This ray seemed to be missing his tail
These penguins are tropical penguins and live in South America. They're as cute as the other kind but according to the sign they're mean little critters and will bite really hard

These gators will probably bite too
These two turtles seemed to be deep in conversation and they even looked like they were holding hands
This big sea turtle looked pretty content

We had a really good time and the Youngest was ready to go back about 10 minutes after we left. Island Girl hates seeing marine life in any kind of enclosed space but I feel like it's a good way for people to see and understand why our marine life is so important. You can't watch dolphins and not fall in love with them.