I Kick Teenage Rock Band Butt

The Island Girl has been wanting to get the game Rock Band for a while but considering it's a $150 game I told her she'd have to save her own money to pay for it. This weekend she babysat for the neighbors and finally reached her goal so after school today I took her to Best Buy and she bought the game. She came home and got it all set up, the drums, the guitar and the microphone and she was ready. She played around with it for a while and then I told her that I wanted to try the singing part. Her and her brothers snickered and laughed and she asked what song I wanted to start with. I picked Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi but she started telling me that was a Tier 5 song (Tier 1 being the easiest and Tier 9 being the hardest) and didn't I want to start with something a little easier. No, I want to sing this song. So she's setting it up and I mention that when I saw Bon Jovi in concert they really put on a good show. Mouths fell open and she said "You saw Bon Jovi?" Yes I did - way back before I even met her dad. Her and the Oldest Island Boy were both openly staring at me now and I just couldn't resist mentioning that I've seen lots of bands. Name some, they insist so I start rattling off different concerts I've been to over the years. Island Girl looks pretty incredulous and then I said "We saw the Who in Miami" I thought that child was going to fall over. "You've seen the WHO?" she yells. At this point I can tell that I'm no longer boring old mom and let me tell you that doesn't happen very often LOL She gets the song set up and the Oldest Island Boy tells his sister that I listen to this song in my car some and that I might be able to sing it. That must have struck them as funny because they both started laughing hysterically. The song starts and I knocked that song right out of the ballpark. I scored 99%! Halfway through the song I notice all three kids have stopped laughing and are looking at me in a whole different way. I finished the song and there was dead silence until Island Girl said "Wow, Mom you rock" They start telling me to sing another one so I picked Blue Oyster Cult's Don't Fear The Reaper. I scored 100% on that one and I have now been elevated to Rock Star status LOL The whole thing has surprised me a little because I listen to these songs all of the time so I'm surprised that the kids are so shocked. Later Island Girl was talking to her dad and she mentioned that I could sing the songs from the game and wasn't that odd since I'm so not musically cool. Turns out that she thinks her dad is cool because he listens to new rock but I'm just a "musical dinosaur" because rarely do I listen to any music made after the 80s LOL I might be a dinosaur but I kick teenage rock band butt and she can't deny that LOL