Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It Was Kind Of His Birthday

The Youngest Island Boy's teacher makes a big deal about birthdays. The birthday child's parents are encouraged to bring a cake or cupcakes for snack that day, the child gets a special crown to wear all day and she does all kinds of other little things to make that day special. The Youngest Boy's birthday isn't until the middle of June and he was bummed that he wouldn't get to have that special day at school but his teacher realizes that all of the summer babies feel that way so every day for the last 2 weeks of school she celebrates a summer birthday. Yesterday was the day for the Youngest Island Boy and he was SO excited. Monday night we went to pick out the cake he was going to take and he told the woman at the bakery all about him getting to have a "special birthday" at school. He even wanted Happy Birthday written on his cake and she was happy to do it for him. She gave him a bag of little rings and other goodies to pass out during his party and told him to have a special school birthday. The party wasn't until the afternoon but I went up and had lunch with him and when I got there he was proudly wearing the cutest gold crown. We had lunch in the butterfly garden and all he could talk about was how much he was looking forward to his party.
The Island King, the Oldest Island Boy and I went back to the school later in the day for the party and by then the Youngest was practically pinging off the walls with excitement. It was his birthday - even if it wasn't really LOL His class sang Happy Birthday to him and then they all ate cake. He was smiling from ear to ear and told me that this was the best "not really his birthday" he'd ever had. He loves his teacher. After the kids ate cake he gave them the treats from the bakery lady and then they all played on the playground. The party lasted about 45 minutes and then it was back to school and work. He really has a special teacher and her school day birthday parties for summer babies is a great idea.
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