A Little of This and A Little of That

I have a horrible head cold. I've been battling it all weekend and this morning I woke up and realized that I've lost the battle. I would love to curl up on the couch but instead I have a million errands that must be done today. Hopefully I can get them all done quickly and then spend the afternoon on the couch. I took some cold medicine before bed last night and then had the weirdest dreams all night long. I dreamed that the nice older man who works at the Junior Store was giving me and the kids a ride home and that he decided to drive into oncoming traffic to try to kill us all. Then I dreamed that the man next door was killing people and burying them in his backyard. And because the dreams were so strange I kept waking up all night so today I feel worse than if I hadn't taken the cold medicine. Yuk.

I can't decide what to get my MIL for Mother's Day. She's funny about gifts and expects nice, expensive items only. She considers handmade gifts from the grandkids tacky. She really only wants jewelry but she wants expensive jewelry and she's not getting that. She's the hardest woman to buy for and to be honest I resent her expecting us to spend at least $100 on a gift for her. And she's very verbal about letting you know how she feels about "cheap" gifts. It makes shopping for her hard and very unpleasant. My SIL always gets her something expensive and she told me once how much she resents giving the MIL something so expensive and then having to "cheap out" on her own mom. I just don't do it and then when it's time for my MIL to open her gift I just ignore her little comments. My mother is easy - anything her grandkids make become her most prized possessions so my kids always make her something special from their hearts and she's happy. Last year I put the Island King in charge of his mother's gift and he stopped at the grocery store on his way to her house and got some flowers and a card LOL She wasn't happy and his response was "You're lucky you got anything at all!" LOL I'm thinking he can handle her again this year.

I'm going today to register Island Girl for high school. High school! I keep thinking there must be some mistake - I can't possibly be old enough to have a child in high school! We got REALLY lucky though and she was granted a waiver to attend a different school than the one for zoned for. It means that I'll be driving her there every morning at the crack of dawn but the school we're zoned for has a lot of problems, fights, drugs and very few advanced classes. The new school has a lot of advanced classes and a much better reputation so driving her will be worth it.

Well, I've rambled on long enough. It's time to wake the kids and start my day. Hopefully errand running will go quickly and I can come home and veg on the couch. I can already tell that the Oldest Island Boy's lessons today will all be done from the comfort of the couch LOL Lots of reading and a little math and I think we'll call it a day.
I hope ya'll have a good one!