Every year the kindergarten class at the Youngest Island Boy's school has Mayfest on the first Friday in May. Instead of having a kindergarten graduation, they have a full day of activities for the kids and their parents. Parents arrive at 9:00 and spend the whole day with their kindergartener. The first part of the morning is spent outside running relays

and doing all kinds of track and field events
After the track events everyone has a picnic on the school grounds The afternoon is spent going from station to station and doing activities like bubbles, chalk drawing, crafts and music

At the end of the day all of the kindergarteners put on a musical show for everyone and then one by one they are awarded a medal for completing kindergarten. It's an event the kids really enjoy and the Island King and I had fun too but let me tell you - we were exhausted! By the time we got home that afternoon we were both ready for a long nap LOL Instead, the Island King had to go on a late afternoon photo shoot and I spent the rest of the day mowing the grass and working in the yard. It was a fun day but a little sad too. This is our last Mayfest and I realized that all of my babies are growing up. But then again, after spending all day with the kindergarteners I realize that I'm an old broad and couldn't handle any more little ones LOL