I dreamed about monsters under my bed last night. I haven't dreamed about monsters under the bed since I was a child and I have no idea why they popped up last night. I never could see them very well but I could see their eyes glowing in the dark. I woke up around 2am and then sat in the living room with all of the lights on for a few minutes before I could go back to bed. When I woke up this morning I was on the Island King's side of the bed and he was on mine. I asked him why he was on my side and he said that all night long I kept scooting away from the edge of the bed and pushing him off of his side so he finally got up and got on my side LOL He said that at one point he told me to get back on my side and that I looked right at him and said "No! There's monsters over there!" I've never been one to analyze my dreams and I really don't want to know what this one was about LOL

Today it's raining so we're staying in all day. When the Oldest Island Boy and I finish school I'm going to take a long nap. Those monsters wore me out!