Thursday, May 22, 2008

Really Strange

The Island King came in from a photo shoot the other day and as I was looking at the pictures he took he asked if I noticed anything odd about this house. It was a huge 8,000 square foot home right on the Bay and as I was looking at the pictures I noticed there weren't any of the kitchen. "Why didn't you shoot the kitchen?" I asked. The kitchen is usually a big selling point and most realtors want lots of kitchen shots so it was unusual for him not to take any. He tells me that he walked around the house taking pictures and that he kept feeling like something was a little off. He couldn't put his finger on it but he said he just knew something wasn't right. Then it hit him - where is the kitchen. He walked around some more and finally asked the realtor where the kitchen was. This house has NO kitchen. He told me that he thought he heard wrong and asked her to repeat what she just said but apparently he heard right and there is no kitchen. The realtor tells him this house was custom built and that the woman who built it doesn't like to cook and so she didn't want a kitchen. There was a formal dining room but no kitchen. He said it took him a minute to realize the realtor was serious and she went on to show him a mini fridge and a microwave in the game room. That's all they had. How on earth can you not have a kitchen? I've known other people who don't like to cook and they eat out or have take out a lot but how can you not have a kitchen? Did these people eat out 3 meals a day every single day? What about late night snacks or a quick sandwich on a busy day? The realtor told him that the woman told her that on holidays or for dinner parties she had a catering company handle the food. He said there was a big china cabinet in the dining room filled with dishes but he didn't see any pots or pans or cooking stuff at all - just dishes, glasses and silverware. I can't even imagine that. I can understand not liking to cook but I just can't wrap my mind around not having a kitchen at all. He told me that the realtor who is trying to sell the house is worried about there not being a kitchen and is wondering if anyone else - on the planet - would want a house that doesn't have a kitchen. I'm pretty sure this realtor is going to have a hard time unloading this house. The Island King said that the realtor told him the homeowner wanted to make sure that everyone knew the front door had been imported from Italy and cost $50k and the Island King, in true redneck form, told the realtor that he didn't care if the door was imported from Mars and cost 50 million because if he couldn't make a snack in the kitchen he wouldn't want the door LOL We see a lot of unusual things photographing homes and condos but this is hands down the strangest thing we've seen so far.
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