Round Robin Challenge: Wood

It's time for the Round Robin Photo Challenge! The challenge for this week comes from Kiva over at Eclectic Granny and she suggested "wood" as the theme for this round. This one was easy for me since one of my most treasured possessions is a piece of wood. In 1988 the Island King brought me the most beautiful piece of cypress driftwood I've ever seen. He found it on the Yellow River and brought it to me in celebration of our first year together. I've dragged this piece of driftwood everywhere we've ever lived and today it sits on my front porch - and is still the most beautiful piece of driftwood I've ever seen.

I've had several yard sales over the years and at each sale people have seen the wood and offered me a LOT of money for this piece but there just isn't enough money in the world to make me part with it.
The next year he brought me another piece of driftwood that I love almost as much as the first. It too lives on my porch.

I love the grain of the cypress and the worn, weathered look of the wood.

I have collected a lot of driftwood over the years but these two are my favorite.
The day he found the first piece his grandfather was with him and every time his grandfather came to our house he would look at that wood, shake his head and say "He damn near killed us trying to drag that wood back up the river. It was almost bigger than the boat but he kept saying She's really gonna like this" He was right - I like it a lot.

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