Round Robin Photo Challenge: Spring Cleaning

It's time for the Round Robin Photo Challenge! The theme for this challenge is Spring Cleaning. I was not going to do a big spring cleaning this year but then I sort of fell into it when I decided to re-organize my son's room. I didn't take any pictures though so I wasn't sure what to do for this challenge. But then the other day the answer came to me when I picked up my purse. I hate to admit it but I don't clean out my purse very often and my family now refer to it as the Great Black Hole because once something goes in it may or may not come back out again. Lately my purse has been getting really heavy and I decided that it was time to do a little spring clean out.

I dumped everything out and found a few unusual items.

I had no idea there was a small zoo living in there LOL

My post is late this time - but better late than never, right?
Part of the challenge this time was also to come up with 3 ideas for future challenges. My ideas are:
1. Outside Looking In
2. Where's Waldo - hide an object in a photo and see if others can spot it
3. Running Late
Now go on over to Round Robin Photos and see what creative ideas others had for Spring Cleaning.