Round Robin Photo Challenge: Tiny Things

It's time for the Round Robin Photo Challenge. The theme for this challenge comes from Karen over at Mavarin. She suggested "Tiny Things" and this one is right up my alley because I collect tiny seashells. Well, I collect shells of all sizes but I really love the tiny ones.
These tiny Augers are hard to see but if you scoop up a handful of sand
you'll find several in every handful.

Tiny Olive shells are much harder to find but every once in a while I get lucky and spot one.
Tiny Barnacles are easy to spot as they are usually stuck to driftwood along the beach.
Tiny crab claws are unusual because they break up in the surf
but I do find them in tact on occasion.
These tiny Coquina shells are everywhere along the beach.
The trick is getting them home in one piece.
These tiny Conchs usually wash up after a storm.
Tiny Scallop shells are everywhere along the beach and come in the most amazing colors.
These tiny sanddollars are a rare find because they are so fragile they rarely survive the surf without breaking.

So there you have it - some of my favorite "Tiny Things" Now head on over to the Round Robin Photo Challenge and see what other Tiny Things people have come up with.