Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday At The Beach

After spending a really lazy Saturday around the house we decided to spend today at the beach. When the Oldest Island Boy was younger he named this beach Superman Beach because he would walk up to the edge of the parking lot and then run as fast as he could into the water yelling "I'm Superman!"
Today they all lined up and took the plunge
I don't think the Island King realized how cold the water was because he looked pretty shocked when he came up They kept telling me that I needed to be Superman too and get in but I told them that I'm not Superman - I'm Wonder Woman - wondering why they're in the water when it's so cold LOL They all tease me but I don't like cold water and it's usually July before I get in.
There were a couple of bridge jumpers today which reminded the Island Girl that for several years now I've been telling her that she could jump when she's 14 - and she's 14 now so she's ready to jump. The Island King has been jumping every summer for years and she's been wanting to do it since she was about 6. She wants dad to do it with her and he told her that as soon as it warms up he'll do it so I guess she'll become an official member of the crazy people who jump off the bridge club this summer.
They love having the Island King throw them in the water but this year both the Island Girl and the Oldest Island Boy have gotten too heavy so they had to stand on his shoulders and jump.
The Youngest is still small enough to be thrown and he loves it The Island King threw him a few times and then realized that he's gotten too heavy too and now the Island King is hobbling around saying his back hurts. After he sat back down he looked at me and said "You're gonna rub my back tonight, right?" LOL
As we were packing up the car to come home we saw a man taking pictures of a blond in a tiny bikini and really high heels. She was enjoying herself and posing for him and the Oldest Island boy saw the Island King watching. "Dad!" he says "You aren't supposed to look at stuff like that" The Island King says "Son, I can look at the menu - I just can't order anything" The Oldest processes this for a minute and then says that he likes to look at the menu too. His dad tells him that he's too young to look at the menu and the Boy said "Hey, I can look at the kid's menu can't I?" We're still laughing at that one LOL
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