What A Weekend

I had one of the best Memorial Day weekends I've had in a long time. We didn't travel too far or do anything out of the ordinary, we just relaxed and enjoyed the long weekend. My parents came over Friday night for my mom's birthday dinner and we ate gumbo and key lime pie until it was coming out of our ears. We had a nice visit and then the boys started asking to go home with their grandparents for the weekend. My mom agreed so we packed them up and off they went. We spent the rest of the night reading and watching tv and then got to bed early. I woke up Saturday to a clean house and no laundry and thought about going to the beach but decided to spend the day around the house instead. I'd gotten all of my housework and laundry done Friday so I spent the day messing around with my sewing machine. I'm teaching myself how to sew and Saturday I used some really cute material to make cloth napkins. Sewing is not as easy as they make it look on Project Runway but I'm coming along LOL
The Island Girl has recently become an old movie buff so we made a run to the video store and loaded up on old movies to watch. Late in the afternoon the Island King and I went and picked cans for a while (more about that later)and then when we got home we watched Kelly's Heroes with the Island Girl. Have you seen that movie? That is one of my favorites and I can't help but laugh whenever Donald Sutherland talks. I'm not usually a war movie fan but throw in a bank robbery and an all-star cast and I'm hooked. After church on Sunday I ran over and picked up a friend of the Island Girl's. She's a movie buff too and their plan was to spend the rest of the day and night watching movies. They had an odd mix of movies, everything from An Interview With A Vampire to Pride and Prejudice and seemed to enjoy them all. The Island King and I picked more cans and then came home and watched movies with the girls.

Monday was our official beach day and we went to the bridge, where anything is bound to happen. There were a lot of bridge jumpers, which I always love to watch. I think diving from that height is crazy but every once in a while you get one that has to show off and goes in head first. See that guy standing on the bridge? He planned on jumping but chickened out at the last minute. See this crowd? The problem with chickening out is that the whole time you're standing up there these people are yelling "Jump!" and when you don't and turn around to walk back these people call you chicken and heckle you the whole way back LOL This woman jumped but you could tell from the way she was leaning that she wasn't going to land straight. She hit butt first and came up howling. It's a lot like getting hit with a board when you hit the water wrong from that height. She was a trooper though because she went back and jumped again a few minutes later LOL The ever present Ice Cream man was there but this time I didn't have the boys begging me to buy them $4 ice cream. Years ago their father taught them that old Eddie Murphy song "You can't have no ice cream cause your daddy's on the welfare" and they always sing it when I say no. The boiled peanut boat is new this year. I don't know how well he's going to do. It was hot and a there were a lot more people buying ice cream than peanuts. These Marine Patrol guys kept trying to come up to the beach for a break (or to watch bikinis) but every time they landed a jet ski would go screaming by in the No Wake zone and these guys would have to pull out again. They never did get to sit still.
We watched several drunk redneck arguments and then we saw the show to end all shows. There was a woman who must have weighed at least 350 pounds wearing a string bikini and right before we left she must have hit good and drunk because she stood up, turned her radio up as loud as it would go and proceeded to do a stripper dance, using the little skinny guy she was with as the pole. You know how some people just can't look away from a trainwreck? Well it seemed that most of the people there felt that way. You didn't want to watch but you just couldn't stop watching LOL The Island King was talking to the guy next to us and this guy kept saying "I've never seen anything like this in my life!" LOL I'm all for expressing yourself but some things should never be expressed in public LOL
It was getting late and we decided to go and pick some more cans before it got dark so we packed up and off we went. Last night I ran down to Navarre and met my mom to pick up the boys. It was late when we got home and they were asleep before their heads hit the pillow.
We're back to normal this morning and I'm already wanting another long, relaxing weekend LOL Now it's time for school with the Oldest Island Boy, errands and laundry. Hope ya'll had a good weekend!