Tuesday, June 10, 2008

You Don't See That Very Often

Yesterday afternoon the Island Girl and I ran over to a sporting goods store in Fort Walton Beach. As we were driving down the main road I noticed a couple of people sitting in lawn chairs right next to the road. It was really odd because this is a 6 lane highway, full of afternoon traffic. When we left the store and were heading home the Island Girl says "Mom, do you see that?" We were stopped at a red light and in the crosswalk was an older man dressed in full Scottish regala, kilt and all, carrying a bagpipe. We both commented that you don't see that very often around here. The light changed and we drove on and as we got to the next block we see 8 or 9 kids in football uniforms walking down the side of the road. A block later and we see a tribe of Indians. Lots of Indians in Indian outfits, headdresses, feathers, you name it. Island Girl says "Ok, this is getting weird. The guy in the kilt and the football team are one thing but I've never seen an Indian tribe walking down the street" LOL A couple of minutes later we see a big band of pirates walking along. It dawned on me that they must be getting ready to have the Billy Bowlegs Pirate Festival parade and that's why people are sitting on the side of the road in lawn chairs and Indians and Pirates are wandering the streets. I'd totally forgotten the parade. We go every year but I've had so much other stuff going on that I completely forgot about it this year. We came to another red light and were stopped next to car from Georgia. I had my window down and as another group of pirates walked by, the woman next to me rolled down her window and asked me if there was something going on. Before I could answer her the Island Girl leans over and says "No, why do you ask?" The woman's mouth fell open and she pointed at the pirates. I was able to stop laughing long enough to tell her about the parade and the festival before the light changed. The look of relief on her face made the Island Girl and I laugh even harder. How strange it must have been to roll into town on vacation and see pirates everywhere. I told the Island Girl that it was mean to mess with the woman like that but she has too much of me in her and she said "I just couldn't resist!" We didn't make it to the parade but we did have fun watching everyone walk down the streets in their costumes and I'm still laughing at the look on the lady's face when she saw those pirates LOL
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