Can Update

I mentioned a while back that we've started picking cans from the beach trash at Sandman's warehouse. Well we took a load to the recyclers the other day and for a trailer full of cans we got $265.52. Pretty good considering we didn't put many hours into collecting the cans.

I haven't spent much time picking cans lately, in fact I didn't pick any at all over the 4th of July weekend even though that would have been a huge haul but it was hot and I just wasn't motivated to pick through beach trash.
I am going back this weekend because I want to go on a road trip next weekend and since I'm broke that can money is looking pretty good.
If I wanted to turn this into a full time job I could probably make pretty good money but it's hot and while it's not household garbage it's still trash and it would not be fun to have to do it all day. We go an evening or two a week, when it's cool and we have a beer, listen to the radio, talk without the kids interrupting and pick a few cans.
We've decided that it's a great, easy way to pick up a little extra cash but we're sticking with photography for our main income LOL